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Our puppies have arrived and I finally am at a point I can post their pictures. So Thursday, Day 59, I noticed "O" panting pretty heavy and knew it would not be long. I called the vet and they said "COME ON DOWN". We arrive around 4:45PM and the office was very busy. With this Corona Virus techs would come to the car and get your dog and you had to sit in the car. I have always been in the room when one of my dogs had a c-section. Well not this time. "O" ended up having one puppy before she was sedated. Around 6:30, they asked me tot come in. Three of her 7 puppies were born dead. The vet said they were already rigid when he got to them and was glad I chose a C-section because otherwise she would not have been able to pass them. They ran a CBC on her and her white blood cell count was high and she was anemic. Sometimes these things happen and there is just no explanation.

On a more positive note, we have four health puppies and OUR FIRST BRINDLE!! It is so tempting for me to keep one of these babies. I have waited for this litter for some time. "O' is doing great and the puppies are thriving.

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