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Been a while

I know it has been awhile, but summer is always extremely busy between school and home. Our pups are 4 weeks old. Both males have been placed.We currently have one female available for placement. Our other female, was the puppy that was stuck in the birth canal for 4 hours (another good reason I need to start requiring c-sections) and I just want to make sure she is cleared by the vet at 6 weeks before I place her in a home. She is a beauty too. We have messed up and named her Julie. Yesterday, puppies got their first solo meal of puppy food and goats milk. They loved it. We are starting the weaning process and Sadie is finding her alone time a relief. After our pups go home, Sadie will be spayed and I will start looking for her a "retirement" home. Her and Zee do not get along because they are both alpha females. If they see each other they become very upset. I want to find Sadie a home where she will get lots of attention and be a good family dog. I am hoping this fall we will have a litter out of Octavia. I love the brindles. Today, since it is not raining, the goal is to cut the grass. The dogs just won't go in the high grass. They have soooo much space but hardly move out of a 10 x 10 area just for pure laziness.

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