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12 Days OLd

To say the least it has been a hectic week. The end of school was a monster all in itself, but add in an unexpected family emergency to the mix. WOW! But God is Good and things are looking up. Puppies are 12 days old and growing fast. I weighed them yesterday and everyone was between 3.3 and 3.7 lbs. Eyes are starting to open and the puppies are scooting around a lot more. My 8 year old is giving them plenty of love. The next couple of days is suppose to bring us record heat so all our dogs will be housed inside our "Puppy Palace" until late evening. South Georgia is brutal with heat and humidity.

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Our puppies have arrived and I finally am at a point I can post their pictures. So Thursday, Day 59, I noticed "O" panting pretty heavy and knew it would not be long. I called the vet and they said "C